The Oscars 2014 News Update: Pink Takes The Stage

The Oscars 2014 News Update: Pink Set To Perform

The Oscars of 2014 just got a new dimension. I’ve got The Oscars 2014 News update for our viewers. The Pop Empress Pink will perform at this years Academy awards and it was confirmed on Last Friday, February 21. Craig Zedan, the producer for 86th Academy Awards confirmed that, the person with a gifted voice will perform at the ceremony on March 2, 2014. The star herself is overjoyed when she got the opportunity and she states,

“Big news!!! I’d like to thank @TheAcademy for inviting me to perform on the #Oscars on March 2nd!! #holycow.”

Pink Twitter Announcement

This star is known for delivering top notch thrilling performances. It is really great for The Oscars fans as they will be able to watch Oscars 2014 Live online and the Pink performance as a part of it. We are proudly bringing you the event live.

The Oscars 2014 News Update: Background Check on Pink

The Oscars 2014 News Update tells us that even the host Ellen DeGeneres is thrilled by the news and her statement regarding the performance is,

“Big news! @Pink is performing at the #Oscars! I don’t know what she has planned, but I’m bringing my safety net just in case.”

The Oscars 2014 News Update

Believe you me, we are just as thrilled as she is. Pink is easily one of the greatest pop stars of this generation. Pink has already claimed Three Grammys and as many as six MTV music awards to her credit. She was the Women Of The Year according to Billboard in the year 2013. Already, she has sold 40 million copies of her albums and 65 million copies of her single tracks. News source: Pop Dust

The Oscars 2014 News Update: Our Offer

We welcome to watch the Oscars 2014 live online through our site. The official broadcast of the 86th Academy Awards live will begin at 8PM EST and ABC Network will bring it live to you. We are offering you 86th Academy Awards live video Online for all those award lovers. We also offer you latest The Oscars 2014 News update, nomination reviews and latest buzz. News is that Bette Midler is also going to be performing at this event. It should be an event of the lifetime and one that should not be missed. Go ahead, log on to the internet from PC or any other device, click on our links and watch the Academy Awards 2014 live streaming online in HD Quality video.

Pink Performing at the Grammys This Year


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