Oscars 2014 Live Performance | Edina Manzel

Oscars 2014 Live Performance: Edina Menzel Set to Perform

Oscars 2014 live performance is going to be a cracker this time as the “Frozen” fans are all set to be delivered a treat. Idina Menzel, the singer of the great track “Let It Go” is all set to perform this track on stage. She also plays the character Elisa in the Movie. The Oscars 2014 live ceremony will be taking place on March 2, 2014. You will be able to catch 86th Academy Awards live on air through ABC begining from 8 PM ET. This song “Let It Go” features in Best Original Song Nominees for Oscars in 2014 along with four others.

Mentioning her Oscars 2014 Live Performance, Edina Says,

It’s really happening. I’m singing on the Oscars! Surreal. Thank u frozen family and Oscar producers for this incredible opportunity.

Backdrop on Her Oscars 2014 Live Performance: Her Capacity

Menzel won a Tony Award for her role “Elphaba” in the musical “Wicked” and was nominated for another role of Maureen of “Rent”. Edina is one of the most talked about singers especially due to her range of singing and capability. Watch her perform in Oscars 2014 live ceremony this March. The Academy Awards 2014 live event will be broadcast directly through ABC Network.

Oscars 2014 live performance of Edina Menzel

Prompting for the Oscars 2014 Live Performance: Frozen Success Story

The Movie is widely successful as well since it collected a whooping $913 Million since November last year. The Movie “Frozen” has credible actors Kirsten Bell of “Veronica Mars” and Jonathan Groff has done the role of “Kristoff”. Bell plays the role of Anna, the little sister of Elisa who prefers to keep a distance from her Older sister due to her overwhelming power. Kristoff helps Anna in the mountain. Later, he falls in love with her. The Oscars 2014 live performance will pave an opportunity for Edina to showcase “Elisa” Once more through the song. Watch this performance at Oscars 2014 live Ceremony and also 86th Academy Awards Live Event Red Carpet will be telecast before that. We are in for a great night.

Oscars 2014 Live Performance of Edina Menzel: The Actual Track

Edina won’t be alone in her Oscars 2014 live performance. There will be a live orchestra to support and boost her performance. David Metzgar will conduct the orchestra for her. The Actresses along with Josh Gad, who plays the snowman, Santino Fontana playing Hans in the movie (Anna’s love interest) will be on the stage for the live performance. So, Oscars 2014 live ceremony is one not be missed by any of us. Watch 86th Academy Awards live event along with red carpet through the internet for free.

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